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Canon Printer Error Code 5200: What is it & How to Fix it?

Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Canon is best known for offering easy to use, compact-sized and affordable printers. These devices offer quality prints to worldwide users. Canon printers can print 100 pages in less than 20 minutes. But, sometimes, you might notice “error code 5200” while printing the necessary documents. Usually, this Canon print issue occurs when there isn’t sufficient … Read more

Windows ‘PrintNightmare’ Fixing Update Resulted in Printer Issues


You might quite commonly come across issues while connecting your computer to peripheral devices. And, these are usually caused by a software issue. Now, you’ll get regular patches to fix such bugs in all major operating systems. Windows users have been dealing with the PrintNightmare issue for quite some time. And, Microsoft has released a … Read more

Troubleshooting Issues After Windows 10 KB50066770 Update

Windows 10 KB50066770

Microsoft released the Windows 10 KB50066770 update on October 12. This latest update removed more than 74 vulnerabilities from the devices. But, many have experienced printing issues after installing this security update. Error messages like “0x00000709” or “item not found” might pop up when connecting the printer to a Windows print server. This bug is … Read more

HP Introduces the World to Mixed-Reality Environment for Printer Troubleshooting

HP Mixed-Reality Environment for Printer Troubleshooting

Printer anomalies are kind of stubborn issues that you might face. Paper jam, empty ink cartridges, you name it, are enough to make turbulence in daily life. Additionally, calling in printer repair specialists and waiting for them to arrive can take the entire day. But, the recent initiative from HP and Microsoft will render some … Read more

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