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How to Fix Canon Printer Error E05 on Windows PC?

The E05 error on Canon printers does not let you complete printing tasks until you resolve it. So, you might want to get a long-lasting solution to it as soon as possible. You can get that all by yourself in most cases. And, that will help you save repairing costs for your printer, which are often quite high.

An E05 error message mainly indicates problems with your printer’s cartridge. Apart from that, it often has some other causes as well. Regardless, you have come to the right place if you are looking for solutions. Read on to know how to fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows PC.

What causes the Canon Printer E05 Error and How to Fix it?

The error code E05 has several possible causes. So, you must consider all of them to find an appropriate solution. You might need some help if you have not dealt with this error code before.

Consider the following causes and apply the solutions given for them to fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows PC:

Temporary Issues with the Process

Your printer might face a wide range of errors while performing the tasks you assign it. And, most of these problems are usually temporary. So, you should be able to fix them simply by restarting your printer. This step can offer you an effective solution to the Canon printer error E05.

Turn off the device and unplug it from the power source. Then, wait for a while before turning it back on and assigning it a new task. This will refresh the task and should remove any temporary errors that have shown up.

Also, you need not necessarily unplug the printer for restarting it. Pressing the Stop button for a few seconds can restart the device as well. Check whether the error shows up again once you are done.

The Cartridge is Placed Incorrectly

The error E05 might also indicate that you have not placed the cartridge properly inside the printer. Have you started facing the error after replacing an old cartridge? Then, you must consider this as the cause behind the error.

In such cases, you must re-insert the cartridge into the printer for a solution. To do that, you need to open up the printer and remove the cartridge first.

The steps for removing the cartridge might differ depending on the printer model you are using. But, you usually have to access the cartridge from the top. Also, you will find click-locks on both sides of the cartridges in most Canon printers.

Press them to free the cartridge and remove it from the device. Then, place it back into your printer and try to print a page.

Do you keep getting the E05 error code after reinstalling the cartridge? Provided that you have placed the cartridge properly, this means that the problem lies elsewhere. And, you might have to take out the cartridge again to clean it up.

The Cartridge is Dirty

You might often face the error code E05 due to a dirty printer cartridge. So, you must check whether this applies to your case if the aforementioned fixes were ineffective. Take out the cartridge after turning off the printer and examine it carefully.

Do you find any dirt and dust particles on it? If yes, then cleaning them up might fix canon printer error E05 on Windows PC.

You can use tissue paper to clean up the cartridge’s body. Also, you must give prior attention to the printhead as well. After all, it is a crucial component that might often get dirty. Using a wet cotton swab is the best way to clean up the printhead. You can also do the same with the circuitry strip at the back of the cartridge.

Let the cartridge dry for some time if you used a wet cotton swab, as mentioned above. Then, place it inside the printer properly and check on the problem.

Do you still get the E05 error while trying to print? Then, there are some more solutions you can try out.

Dried Ink Has Caused Blockage in the Cartridge

The E05 error code might also indicate a blockage in your Canon printer’s cartridge. So, you must check for this issue by removing the cartridge. Examine the opening of the cartridge for a blockage and clean it if you find any.

However, this might not always be enough to fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows PC. Especially if the rest of the ink inside the cartridge has dried up as well.

But, you would usually get a different error code if all of the ink was dried up. So, there is a good chance that this step can offer you an effective and long-lasting solution. If it does not, you need to check the cartridge’s compatibility with the printer.

The Cartridge is Incompatible with the Printer

As you probably know, some cartridges might not work with your Canon printer. And, this might mainly depend on the printer model you are using. Are you using a third-party cartridge with your Canon printer? Then, that might explain the error code E05 in your case. The same might apply if you have refilled the cartridge instead of replacing it.

So, make sure which cartridges are compatible with your printer model. Then, buy an original cartridge to fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows PC.

What if the problem persists? In that case, the problem might lie within the configuration of your printer. Apart from that, you must also consider hardware problems as the cause and contact a technician.

Reset Your Canon Printer to Factory Settings

Unless there is a hardware problem, restoring factory problems might help you fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows PC. So, turn on the printer and go to its setup menu if it is turned off.

Find the Device Settings and open it to find the Reset option there. Click OK under Reset to restore the default settings on your printer. Then, re-configure it and check whether the error has been resolved.

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