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6 Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error 853 On Windows 11/10?

From what it seems, the error code 853 in Canon printers indicates an internal processing error. This error might have something to do with the printer driver you are using. But, you should consider some other causes, including temporary errors and outdated firmware.

Do you want an immediate solution to the error code 853 on your Windows PC? Then, you can try out some simple solutions all by yourself to achieve that. Here, we have some effective ways to fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10.

Apply these Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 853 on Windows 11/10

The cause of the error code 853 might differ in each case. So, one solution probably cannot fix the issue every time. You might need to try out several fixes to reach the right one.

Here are some essential methods you must apply to fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10:

Restart the Printer

There are several advanced solutions you can try out for fixing the error code 853. But, you must restart your printer first as it can fix a wide range of errors immediately. As mentioned before, the error code 853 usually indicates a processing error. And, restarting the device might fix such issues.

Unplug your printer and then wait for a while before turning it back on. Do you find your printer overheated? If yes, then you must wait until it cools down. Alternatively, you can also simply press the Stop button for a few seconds to perform a restart. This can help you fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10 in many cases.

Run the Printer Troubleshooter

The troubleshooter on your Windows system can help you fix many printer errors. Among other problems, it can also help you fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10.

Open the Update & Security section in your Settings and go to the Troubleshoot tab. You can find several troubleshooting options listed there. Opt for running the tool to fix printer problems and follow the on-screen instructions.

The troubleshooter can usually diagnose and fix the issue within a short time. If it fails to apply a solution, it will tell you what caused the error code 853. You can then apply an appropriate solution manually based on this diagnosis.

Download the UFR2 Driver

Does the error code 853 show up when you try to start a printing task with your printer? Then, that might mean you are using the wrong driver. Your PC might be using the PostScript driver with your printer. But, your Canon printer might not be compatible with this type of driver.

What should you do if your PC uses the wrong type of driver? Downloading the right driver should fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10. In this case, you must get the UFR2 driver on your PC.

But, where do you download it from? If you are wondering, it is available on the Canon printer support website.

Make sure to download the right UFR2 driver version for the Windows build you are using. Double click the executable file and grant admin access to it. Follow the on-screen instructions after that to complete the installation. Then, restart your PC to automatically replace the other driver with the UFR2 driver.

Select the UFR2 Driver for Your Printer

Your PC might not always start using the UFR2 driver after you download it. This happens mainly due to the configurations on your device. And, you can fix that in a few steps.

All you need to do is simply change the driver that your printer is using. Open the Device Manager and expand the Print Queues option. This will open the list of printers you have used with your PC.

Right-click your Canon printer and click on the Properties option. Go to the Drivers tab given there and check the driver it is using. Do you find the Microsoft IPP Class Driver selected there? Then, change it to the UFR2 driver you have downloaded. This should fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10 over the long term.

Update Your Printer’s Driver or Windows System

Are you using an outdated printer driver on your PC? If yes, then that is yet another possible cause of the error code 853. Updating the driver version should provide an effective solution in such cases.

So, open the Device Manager and expand the Print Queues to find your printer. Right-click your printer and opt for updating the driver software. Restart your PC once you are done and check whether the error persists.

Update your System

Are you using an outdated Windows system on your PC? Then, you can simply update to the latest one to get the latest printer driver. And, that way you can simultaneously update the system as well as its drivers. Also, this is yet another viable way to fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10.

Get the Latest Printer Firmware

An outdated printer firmware can cause a wide range of issues, including the error code 853. So, you must also consider updating the firmware of your Canon printer for a solution.

Navigate to the Menu section on your printer through its screen and pen System Management Settings. Your printer should be connected to the internet for updating the firmware.

Click on Update Firmware and select the ‘via Internet’ option. Opt for an update method and make sure you get the latest firmware version. This should fix Canon printer error 853 on Windows 11/10 over the long term.

Get a Professional Repair

You can usually fix the error code 853 by one of the aforementioned methods. But, they might be ineffective in some cases. Especially so, if there is a hardware issue within your Canon printer. You must reach out to a professional repair service as soon as possible in such situations.

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