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Why Can’t You Print from Laptop Even Though it’s Connected to the Printer?

There can be several reasons why you can’t print from your laptop even though it appears connected to the printer. This can be frustrating, but don’t worry!

Let’s break down some common printing problems and how to troubleshoot them.

Common Printing Problems

Here are the common printing problems that you might encounter:

Offline Printer

This is the most common reason behind most printing problems. So, you need to make sure your printer is powered on and it should be properly connected. Check the printer whether any error messages are being prompted or if any lights might blink to indicate an issue.

Wi-Fi Issues

For wireless printers, you need to ensure that both the printer and your laptop have been connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Double-check your network password and signal strength.

False Low Ink Warnings

When the ink level gets low, the printers might display it as a warning. So, try removing and reinserting the ink cartridges. Some printers allow temporary printing in low-ink mode.

Paper Jams

Printing might come to a halt due to paper jams. So, you have to open the printer and remove any jammed paper carefully. Try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, to prevent any further hassles.

Slow Printing Speeds

You might have to face several problems due to slow printing, including errors in large files, complex formatting, or network congestion. Try optimizing your document or troubleshooting your network connection.

Troubleshooting Steps

Here are some steps to get your printer back online:

Check Cables and Connections

You need to make sure that all cables (power and USB) are securely plugged into the printer as well as the laptop. If you are using Wi-Fi, then always verify whether you have access to a strong connection.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

You would find that most of the operating systems have built-in printer troubleshooters. So, to automatically detect and fix common printing issues, you can try to run the troubleshooter.

Update Drivers

Outdated printer drivers can cause communication problems. Visit your printer manufacturer’s website, look for the latest drivers for your specific model, and download it.

Additional Tips

Let’s help you out with some additional tips to eliminate the printing problem:

Use Print Management Software

Many printers come with software that is meant for your convenience, such as allowing you to manage print jobs, monitoring ink levels, and troubleshooting basic issues.

Reset Printer Connection

If Wi-Fi connectivity seems problematic, try resetting the printer’s network settings. Consult your printer manual for specific instructions.

Check for Consumable Setbacks

You must double-check that you are using the correct ink or toner cartridges for your printer model. Consider replacing empty cartridges before print quality deteriorates.


By following these steps and understanding common printing problems, you should be able to diagnose and resolve most printing issues. If you’ve tried all these tips and still can’t print, consult your printer’s user manual. Alternatively, you can also contact the manufacturer’s support team for further assistance.

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