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How to Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02 on Windows PC?

Your HP printer might come across a wide range of errors while printing. And, some of those errors can be more frequent and annoying than others. One such error that many PC users complained about is error code 49.4c02. This problem usually indicates an issue with the print jobs you have assigned to the printer. And, there are several possible fixes for it.

Do you want to fix HP printer error 49.4c02 on Windows PC all by yourself? Then, you need to consider all the possible causes of the issue. Based on that, you can usually get a fix with one of the solutions listed below.

7 Ways to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02 on PC

The error you face might occur due to various problems, including outdated printer firmware. Regardless, you can usually fix it with some fairly simple steps. Here are the steps you can implement to fix this error on your Windows device: 

  • Fix the Connection With Your Printer

The HP printer error code 49.4c02 might have occurred due to miscommunication. You only need to fix the connection to continue printing smoothly in such situations. Are you using a cable connection with your HP printer? If yes, then make sure it is connected firmly at both ports. You must also try disconnecting from your printer and reconnecting to it. And, that might fix any connection issues between the two devices. 

  • Set the Printer as Default

Is your HP printer set as the default printer on your PC? If it is not, then that might cause miscommunication with the printer. You must try setting it as the default printer if you use multiple printers with your device. Navigate to the Printer & Scanners section in your Settings menu and click your printer. Then, click on Manage and opt for setting the printer as default.

Do you already have a default printer set on your device? Then, change it to the HP printer that you are currently using. This should significantly improve the connection between your printer and PC. 

  • Clear the Print Queue

Does the error code 49.4c02 keep showing up after fixing the connection problems? As mentioned earlier, this issue might have something to do with print jobs. So, you might get an effective solution by refreshing the print jobs.

But, you need to clear the existing print queue before that. You can do that through the Printers & Scanners section in the Settings menu.

Click on your HP printer and go to its management section. Then, click on “open the print queue” and clear all the print jobs you find there. Assign the printing tasks to your printer again and check on the problem.

Do you have too many printing jobs to complete? Then, you must avoid assigning too many of them to your printer at a time. 

  • Get PCL6 Drivers on Your PC

The issue you are facing might also have something to do with the printer driver you are using. Many users have reported that getting the PCL6 driver fixed the error in their cases. If you are wondering, PCL6 is one of the various scripting languages that printer drivers use.

You can download the PCL6 driver from your HP printer’s website. So, open the website once you are ready and enter your printer’s model in the search box. You usually have to provide your Windows system version there as well. Then, expand the universal printer drivers and click on Download next to the PCL6 driver.

You would get the driver software in the form of a zip file. So, open the location of this file after the download and unzip it. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the PCL6 driver installation process. 

  • Disable the Advanced Printing Features

You can find several advanced features on your PC for printing purposes. But, they might not always work the way you want them to. If you did not know, these advanced features often cause the 49.4c02 error code on HP printers. So, you might want to make sure the advanced printing features are disabled on your device.

Open your Settings menu and navigate to Printers & Scanners. Select your HP printer there, and click on the Advanced option. Find the ‘Advanced printing features’, and disable it if you find it enabled. 

  • Print Your Document as an Image

Are there any complex fonts on your document? If yes, then that might explain the error code 49.4c02 while printing. After all, printers might often face difficulties in understanding complex fonts. So, what should you do in such situations? If you are wondering, printing the document as an image might do the trick.

Open the Print window on your PC and go to the Advanced options. Find the ‘Print as image’ option and check the box next to it. Then, click on the OK button to proceed with the printing task. Does your printer still fail to print? Then, the problem might lie in your document. 

  • Update Your Printer’s Firmware 

An outdated firmware might often cause the 49.4c02 error on the device. Does your HP printer have the latest firmware version? Print a configuration page to find that out if you are not sure. Go to the HP printer support website and provide your printer’s model number.

Check the options in the Firmware section from the results and download the latest firmware update utility. You must connect your printer to the PC over an ethernet connection for a firmware upgrade. Open the utility you downloaded and follow the instructions to complete the procedure.

Contact the Support Team

You need not necessarily take the task of fixing your printer errors on yourself. Especially so, when you can hire experienced technicians to help you out. Are you unable to fix the error code 49.4c02 with the aforementioned fixes? Then, reach out to the HP support team as the issue might be quite critical.

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