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Windows 10 Updates Released to Fix Printer Problems

Connecting your printer to your Windows PC is usually quite a simple task. But, you might often encounter problems while trying to do that. And, many Windows users have been facing such problems recently. So, Microsoft has released updates to fix the printer problems you’re facing. They might help you fix the issues effectively.

Now, this update is different from the recent security update for printer issues in certain ways. The most significant among them is that it’s optional. And, that means you can choose not to install it. But, since the last security update failed to fix the ‘PrintNightmare’ vulnerability, you must consider trying out this update. You can also consult with Printer Repairs Dubai for additional assistance.

So, keep reading to know how to install this update and what solutions it offers you.

What is the KB5006738 Update & How to Install it?

Microsoft launches Windows beta updates every month. And, KB5006738 is a cumulative update that was launched in September 2021. The full version should be available by November 2021.

Since it’s a preview update, that makes it optional for users. According to the Printer Repairs Dubai, its performance will help Microsoft decide on the full version of upcoming updates.

Installing the KB5006738 Update on Your PC

You can download this preview update the usual way that you update your Windows PC. But you must make sure that it’s compatible with the Windows version that you’re using. After all, it’s not available for all Windows versions. You can find that out by going to the Windows Update section in your Settings.

Opt for checking for updates and then wait till the process finishes. If the KB5006738 update is available for your device, you’ll see the option to install it. Then, confirm your choice to download it and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the download is complete, go to the Microsoft Update catalogue. Then, find the one you downloaded and opt for installing it.

Get the KB5006745 Update for Windows Servers

Windows Server users have also been facing issues while trying to use their printers. So, Microsoft has released an update for them as well. You can fix Windows Server printing issues with the KB5006745 update. And, for that, you must proceed with the same steps mentioned above.

Which Printing Issues can You Fix with these Updates?

You need to install the printer on your Windows PC before you can start printing with it. And, you have to do that using the Internet Printing Protocol. Now, many users have encountered problems while trying to do that. And, Microsoft claims that their latest preview updates can fix this issue. So, you might be able to connect to your printer without any issue after this update. In this scenario, consult with Printer Repairs Dubai.

There’s yet another issue where the print server fails to send the print properties package to the client. As a result, you might be unable to print anything with your printer. According to Microsoft, the update they’ve launched can resolve this issue as well.

Many users have also complained that they have to enter the administrative credentials to print every time. Now, this issue can cause quite a lot of inconvenience when you need to print fast. And, you can fix it by installing the latest Windows preview update, according to Microsoft.

Apart from that, the updates might also improve your printing experience in other ways. So, you might want to download and install them to find the results for yourself. Otherwise, you can also try other methods to fix the issue.

What Alternatives do You have to Install the Updates?

Many people might not want to install the updates for fixing their printing problems. Apart from that, the updates might not be compatible with their devices. And in case you’re wondering, you do have other options as the update is optional.

So, here are some methods that you might want to try out:

  • Update the Printer’s Firmware

The firmware plays a crucial role in your printer’s functioning. And, you might face a wide range of issues with your printer if this software is outdated. Moreover, the device might even stop printing. So, you must always keep your printer’s firmware up-to-date. If you can’t connect your printer to your computer, it might indicate outdated firmware.

You can use the client software for firmware updates. So, open your printer app and opt for updating the firmware of the device. 

  • Update the Print Drivers

The print drivers are yet another important software component for printing tasks. Updating it can help you fix a wide range of issues with your printer. So, go to the Device Manager and find your print driver there. Then, right-click the driver and opt for an update. Once you’re done, reboot your device before checking the problem. 

  • Restart the Spooler Service

The Print Spooler on your PC is supposed to run in the background when you’re using your printer. Otherwise, you won’t be able to print anything. So, go to the Services section on your device and make sure the Print Spooler is running. If it is, then right-click it and opt for a Restart. This often does the trick in fixing printing problems.

Fix all Issues with Your Printer

You might install the update or use any of the aforementioned methods to fix printing problems. But, none of them would be effective if your printer is faulty. So, you might need to hire a reliable technician to inspect your printer if you can’t print with it.

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