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HP Introduces the World to Mixed-Reality Environment for Printer Troubleshooting

Printer anomalies are kind of stubborn issues that you might face. Paper jam, empty ink cartridges, you name it, are enough to make turbulence in daily life. Additionally, calling in printer repair specialists and waiting for them to arrive can take the entire day. But, the recent initiative from HP and Microsoft will render some relief.

Printer repair can go easier, and we have got enough proven facts from Printer Repairs Dubai. However, HP claims the xRServices, assisted by Microsoft, will bring a huge change in the printer repair industry. HP has announced a mixed-reality support feature for fixing your printers, and it will be a dream come true. Let’s get to know the news in detail.

Reliable & Faster Printer Troubleshooting from HP

The virtual troubleshooting of printers will become possible due to the joint operation of HP and Microsoft. Both these tech tycoons have come together to provide you with a smoother experience with the printer repair experience. Businesses who have already acquired Microsoft HoloLens 2, capable of projecting mixed reality, can purchase the HP xRServices.

What will be the benefits of such a virtual printer troubleshooting initiative? Customers can pursue the repair and troubleshooting tasks by themselves. With real-time Mixed Reality technology, users need not rely on on-site printer repair; no doubt, customers are getting efficient printer repair.

That’s not the end. This single-touch printer repair technology makes sure that you can avail of a faster printer repair service. The support from the printer troubleshooting support will be simplified. Where the world has already manifested virtual classrooms, offices, and much more, such remote support will be really helpful for customers.

How will HP xRServices Work?

After wearing the Microsoft HoloLens 2, users can connect to the HP engineers. And, those engineers can provide users with advice regarding how to repair the printer. This is called mixed reality, where you have to wear the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset, and HP xRServices will support the remaining procedure.

In this mixed reality, the engineer will not be present at your location. But, they can sufficiently guide you on how to address your printer issues. The virtual coach will instruct you on how to proceed with the troubleshooting.

Users who are using HP Industrial Printers can take the help of this service from HP. Additionally, users don’t have to freak out if they are not that tech-savvy. The dedicated engineers related to this service will take care of everything. They will dictate every step sincerely so that you can follow them precisely.

In addition to this, managers can easily manifest the process of the combined data emerging from the work. The credit goes to HP’s Print OSx. The data gathered from the users will help eradicate any kind of error in the method for future use. And, we can expect that this will leverage the productivity of the printer troubleshooting by HP.

Potential Advantages of HP’s Mixed Reality Printer Troubleshooting

Recently, HP has launched the Beta version of this HP xRServices. And, it is quite obvious that only a few selected users can make use of HP xRServices. The reason is that you have to acquire the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset to resolve HP printer issues. Apart from easily solving printer issues, there are other perks of going for HP’s Mixed Reality printer troubleshooting services.

Less Traveling

You don’t have to rely on in-person printer repair services anymore. This means that you need not wait in a long queue to get your printer repaired. You can save your time, effort, and money because you do not need to travel from one place to another. The same applies to the repair expert who used to visit your location at your command.

Now, you can directly connect with the HP engineers if you have an HP printer, and they will provide you with tried and tested steps to resolve the issue. The comprehensive on-press tool set comes with step-by-step guidelines for the user’s convenience.


It’s not always feasible to hire printer repair experts every time the printer encounters an error. The mixed reality experience from HP will make it easy for customers to ping the engineers and avail reliable service without going anywhere.

You can take the help of virtual in-person assistance to troubleshoot any kind of printer issues. And, the best thing about HP xRServices is that you can go for support at any time. The engineers will help you out around the clock.

Faster Results

As mixed reality facilitates the real-time simulation of the process to solve the printer trouble, it becomes easy for anyone to understand what to do. The live simulation makes things really easy for every user out there. Undoubtedly, users get faster services and onboarding from HP professionals.

Summing up…

HP xRServices came into service after Microsoft released the virtual world, called Push. According to Printer Repairs Dubai experts, Microsoft has recently announced a three-dimensional platform for virtual meetings, named Mesh for Teams. However, xRServices will be really beneficial if it accomplishes what it claims to be with Microsoft HoloLens technology. You can say goodbye to consistent printer tantrums with HP xRServices.

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