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HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 – Error 0x80070490 [Fixed]

HP printers are the best whether it comes to printing, copying, or scanning assignments. Everything is acceptable until your printer starts showing issues. If you acquire an HP printer and display HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490, it’s a quite complicated issue.

As per the experts at Printer Repairs Dubai, the 0x80070490 code signifies an error with the System Component Store. There might be a corrupted file in the Component-Based Servicing, and it prevents all the Windows-related tasks on your HP printer.

HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490 is also known as HP – other hardware, printer – null fax error. Most users have complained that they have started facing this specific error after getting a Windows update. So, we can easily assume that the file corruption has been initiated by updating the Windows device.

A handful of users have reported that their printers showed the same problem just after purchasing an online game from Microsoft Store. Let’s see how you can resolve the HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490.

1. Deactivate Your Third-Party Antivirus

We understand how cautious you are about your security aspects, especially when it comes to your Windows computer. You might have installed the best antivirus on your Windows device. However, that antivirus can prevent your HP printer from performing its task. Printer Repairs Dubai experts have confirmed that numerous users have benefited after disabling the antivirus, when it comes to HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490.

So, if you have a third-party antivirus installed on your Windows computer, you can disable it to check if it works. And, that particular Windows update might be incompatible with the third-party antivirus. Before you deactivate the antivirus, make sure that you activate Windows Defender.

Windows Defender is designed to work with any kind of Windows update and upgrade. Follow legit steps to disable the third-party antivirus. Then, give your computer a restart, or it might take a reboot automatically. Check if the HP – other hardware, printer – null fax – HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490 still persists.

2. Get Help from Windows Repair Suite

If you think that any recently installed Windows updates have gone defective, you can try this method. You can go for any Windows repair tool available in the market. There are many free yet premium repair tools available from Microsoft to troubleshoot the most common issues with Windows computers. And, it can help you, too, to eradicate the HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490.

This repair suite goes perfectly with every latest version of Windows. So, here’s what you have to follow to make things right with your HP printer:

  • Search online and pick a trusted Windows repair tool.
  • Check out the utilities offered by the tool.
  • Repair the latest Windows update.
  • Let the tool complete the repair process.
  • Give your computer a quick reboot.

After that, you can observe whether it has resolved the HP – other hardware, printer – null fax – HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490 issue. If not, then you have to proceed with the next method.

3. Reset Windows Update Equipment

Printer Repairs Dubai technicians have added that the trick of manual reset of the Windows Update components might work wonders for you. However, the entire process can be quite lengthy and requires patience.

Here’s what you need to do to mitigate the HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490 issue:

  • Click the Search prompt in the Taskbar and look for Command Prompt. From the result, right-click on Command Prompt. Settle for the Run as Administrator option.
  • In the Command Prompt window, you have to enter the following commands one by one:
    1. net stop wuauserv
    2. net stop cryptSvc
    3. net stop bits
    4. net stop msiserver
  • These will disable a few services, and it’s required to fix the printer tantrum. Now, you need to rename two folders: SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2. Use the Command Prompt to do it quickly. Paste the following commands and run them separately:
    1. ren C:\\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
    2. ren C:\\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old
  • Afterwards, you can resume all the services that you have stopped in the second step. Here are all the necessary commands to resume them:
    1. net start wuauserv
    2. net start cryptSvc
    3. net start bits
    4. net start msiserver

Finally, you can close the Command Prompt and reboot your Windows PC. Connect the Windows PC to your HP Officejet Pro 8620 or the one that’s troubling you and check if it works.

4. Go for a System File Checker Scheme

Another in-built tool in your PC can help you eliminate the HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490. You can run the System File Checker tool and repair corrupt file systems. Here’s the detailed guideline to make it happen:

  • Open a Command Prompt window with admin privileges.
  • Enter the command: sfc/scannow. It will initiate a scan for all the corrupted files and folders across your computer. Give it some time as it has to check the entire system.
  • The System File Checker might complete its task in more or less 20 minutes. If it tells you that the CBS store is corrupted, then you have to type the following command: Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth. Press Enter to execute the command.
  • Now, quit the Command Prompt window. Press the R and Windows keys to open a Run box.
  • Enter services.msc in the Run box followed by clicking OK. It will take you to the Services window.
  • Look for the Windows Update option under the Services window. Once found, right-click the Windows Update entry. Go for the Restart option from the pop-up menu.
  • After that, you can do the same to the Windows Module Installer entry under the Services window.

Once you have restarted both services, try doing a test print to observe whether the HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490 has vanished.

Finally, a System Restore can Assist

If nothing is working to solve the HP – other hardware, printer – null fax – HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490, then you can go for a system restore on your PC. This will take your Windows PC to a previous version of Windows. And, it will eventually eliminate the issues that came with the Windows update.

Just make sure that you don’t delete important files from your computer. If anything goes wrong, it will be better if you take a system backup. Try this, and hopefully, the HP Officejet Pro 8620 – error 0x80070490 will get resolved.

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