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Canon Printer Error Code 5200: What is it & How to Fix it?

Canon is best known for offering easy to use, compact-sized and affordable printers. These devices offer quality prints to worldwide users. Canon printers can print 100 pages in less than 20 minutes. But, sometimes, you might notice “error code 5200” while printing the necessary documents. Usually, this Canon print issue occurs when there isn’t sufficient ink in the cartridges. Even a malfunctioned ink cartridge can lead to this printing issue.

Moreover, a damaged logic board can prevent the device from printing. Empty cartridges can be a potential reason behind this Canon printer error. If the blank ink cartridge isn’t installed in the right place, then it will hinder the printing process.

Do you use the Canon’s Pixma series printer? Well, this Canon printer model is more vulnerable to the “error code 5200”. And, resolving this Canon printer issue might be daunting. So, contact Printer Repairs Dubai to overcome this problem immediately.

3 Effective Solutions to Fix “Canon Printer Error Code 5200

Refill the ink cartridges of the Canon printer in the first place. But, if that doesn’t work, check the printer connection. Sometimes, connectivity issues can prevent the device from printing black-and-white photos. In certain instances, check the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. Restart the router and connect the Canon primer again.

But, if the error code 5200 message is still there, follow the below-mentioned solutions:

Reset the Canon Printer

If you’re facing cartridge issues in the Canon printer, resetting it will resolve the problem. But, do you know how to do that? Start with turning off the Canon printer, and then turn it on again. Right after that, hold the “Power On” and “Stop/Reset” buttons simultaneously. Release the “Stop/Reset” button after a few seconds. But, don’t release the “Power on” button. Then, press the “Stop/reset” key five times while holding the “Power On” button.

Can you see the “Idle” message on the Canon printer screen? Then, try to open or lift the top cover of the ink cartridges. Remove both the black and colour ink cartridges by gently pressing on them. Right after that, place the cartridges in their respective slot and close the cover.

Additionally, the Canon printer users need to turn off the device again. After restoring it, choose a document that you want to print. Once the printing process starts, the error code 5200 won’t display further.

Clean the Print Head

Well, clogged or blocked print heads can often lead to this Canon printer error. With time, due to lack of maintenance, dust particles accumulate inside the print head. As a result, this dust buildup prevents the device from performing the printing jobs.

By cleaning this print head, you can get over the “error mode 5200”. And, the Canon printer users need to implement the following steps to do that:

  • First, look for the print heads of the Canon printer. In most Canon printers, the print head is located inside the cartridge.
  • Turn on the device and when the print heads start to move, take them out. Right after that, disconnect the cables and wires of the Canon printer.
  • Take a microfibre cloth or damp paper towel right after that. And, use that to remove the clogs from the print heads.
  • If there is dried ink in the print heads, use isopropyl alcohol or a coffee filter to remove that.

Then, reinstall the cartridges and try to print again from the Canon printer. After this, you won’t face any hurdles. Don’t use any chemical cleaning solution to make the print heads clog-free. It might damage these printer units permanently.

If you have been using the Canon print heads for more than 2 years, change them immediately. It will help you prevent the unwanted downtimes of the Canon printers.

Use the Printer Repair Tools

Canon offers printer repair tools to troubleshoot potential problems. To fix error code 5200, you can use that tool; it’s free to use. After installing the printer software, search for the “Printer Diagnostic & Repair Tools” option. Once you get that, tap on it and choose the problem you are experiencing in the printer. After that, a page will appear on the screen with instructions on how to fix it. Follow the step-by-step guide to bringing back the printer’s normal functionality.

Didn’t find the Canon printer repair tool? Go to the official website of the printer manufacturer, and then look for this tool. Select the “Download” link to get this troubleshooting tool on the device. Make sure to choose the right operating system that goes with the printer.

It might take a few minutes to complete the printer repair tool downloading process. After that, open the file and choose the “install” and select the “Run” button. And, when the repair tool window opens, enter the error code that you are getting. Within a few seconds, it will show the possible ways to overcome this Canon printer error.

Are there any Other Ways to Fix Canon Printer 5200?

Sometimes, turning on and off the Canon printer helps to solve this printing problem. But, if the error persists even after this, hire the experts of Printer Repairs Dubai. Being a leading service provider, their professionals can fix every printer error. So, connect with them and avoid unwanted Canon printer issues easily. Additionally, make sure to install new ink cartridges, if the existing one is faulty.

Installing printer cartridges seems an easy and less time-consuming task. But, if you don’t know how to do that, take an expert’s help. Contact their professionals to get the right cartridges for the Canon printer. Don’t let a minor printer glitch hinder office productivity.

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