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HP Printer Error 0x610000F6 [Solved]

HP printers deliver exclusive services to home, office, and anywhere you acquire them. You can easily rely on their multifunctional properties, including copying and scanning. Yet, the everyday regime can bring glitches to your printer experience. One of the most recurring issues of HP printers is the HP printer error 0x610000F6. Your HP printer might have displayed this error once in a lifetime.

If you’re currently manifesting HP printer error 0x610000F6 on its display, then it’s time to resolve the issue. Otherwise, you can’t print using your HP printer. And, all your printing jobs remain pending.

What does this error indicate? As per Printer Repairs Dubai professionals, HP printer error 0x610000F6 can arise due to carriage and connectivity complications. However, trusted sources from worldwide have also denoted that HP printer error 0x610000F6 can occur because of the corrupt download of printer drivers.

Additionally, the inappropriate installation of printer drivers can also cause the same HP printer error. Let’s figure out how to get rid of this particular HP printer issue.

Restart Your Printer

Perhaps, the HP printer error 0x610000F6 is a temporary case for you. And, a quick reboot can help you solve the problem. To try your luck, you should go for a restart. According to Printer Repairs Dubai professionals, it has worked for numerous users. Here’s the detailed guideline to restart your HP printer:

  • Tap the Power button of your active HP printer. Your printer might not respond even when trying to power off the printer. Then, you should go to the next method to solve the issue.
  • If your printer turns off, then let it rest for a while. After that, you can press the Power button to turn it on again.
  • If that was a temporary problem, then it should have been removed meanwhile.

Check whether you can print anything on your HP printer.

Remove Paper Jam from your HP Printer

HP Printer error 0x610000F6 is also famous as a jammed error. If a paper jam has caused the situation, then it’s quite obvious that your printer won’t respond to any manual action you perform on the printer. Then, you have to clean up the printer all by yourself to eradicate the HP printer error 0x610000F6. Follow the instructions carefully:

  • Remove all cords and USB cables from your HP printer.
  • Now, explore the printer tray and sneak into it carefully. There might be paper stuck inside. If you find anything, remove them.
  • Well, you’re not done yet. You need to open up the rear casing of your HP printer. Chances are there that paper scraps can get stuck there. Clean it if there is any kind of debris.
  • When there’s nothing left to remove, you can swiftly close the lid. Don’t forget to insert the paper tray inside the printer before going to the next step.
  • It’s time to plug in all the cables and cords back into your printer. Plugin the power cable and all the connection cables one by one.
  • Turn on the printer and go for a test print.

Is the Printer Carriage Moving Uninterruptedly?

A paper jam can make the carriage stuck. Even after you have cleaned all paper scraps from your HP printer, the carriage might refuse to move automatically. You should go for the following steps to make sure that your carriage is working fine.

  • Ensure that your printer is on when you proceed with this method.
  • Open up the printer carriage access door.
  • Check if the carriage moves freely and there is no obstacle.
  • Try to move the carriage in the left direction.

Hopefully, this would minimise the carriage issues and eliminate the HP printer error 0x610000F6.

Reinstall Your HP Printer Cartridges

Printer Repair Dubai professionals have confirmed that HP printer error 0x610000F6 mostly occurs on HP PhotoSmart printers. Additionally, the printer cartridge might have been displaced. And, that’s why users might be suffering from this particular printer issue.

We have a tried and tested fix for this instance. Try the upcoming steps to mitigate the HP printer error 0x610000F6.

  • Detach the power cable from the HP printer. In addition to this, you have to remove all the USB or connecting cables from the printer.
  • Open up the cartridge access door of your printer. Afterwards, you need to press the cartridge latch. Make sure that it closes completely.
  • Now, you can touch the printer cartridge. Check whether they can move from one direction to another, without any obstruction.
  • When you move the cartridge, you should be looking for any kind of jammed paper inside the cartridge area. In case you find any jammed paper, remove them carefully.
  • Once you have finished checking, you should make the cartridge properly seated in its place. Otherwise, a new error might appear on your printer.
  • Don’t take any risks and install the printer cartridge appropriately. Close the cartridge unit access door properly.

After that, your printer is ready to connect to the power supply and other peripherals. You can connect the power cable and USB cords to make things normal again. Power on the printer and go for a test print. This will ensure whether the method has eliminated the HP printer error 0x610000F6 or not.

Update the Printer Driver

An incompatible printer driver can result in HP printer error 0x610000F6. You can update the printer driver by using the Device Manager on your Windows PC. It’s comparatively easy to implement with the following instructions:

  • Click the Search option from the Taskbar of your Windows computer. Search for Device Manager and explore it.
  • Choose the HP printer that has got the error 0x610000F6.
  • Right-click on that particular printer. Now, go for the Update Driver option.
  • Afterwards, you have to choose the Automatic option rather than the Manual one.
  • Then, proceed with the on-screen instructions on your computer to finish the task properly.
  • Reboot your Windows PC.


If the HP printer error 0x610000F6 is still bothering you, then go for a direct HP customer support initiative. Otherwise, you can hire an expert to address HP printer issues. Only a professional printer repair technician can suggest to you what will be the best for both your HP printers.

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