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Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1: What’s It & How to Fix It?

Epson has acquired widespread recognition for offering high-end portable printers. These devices help to get high-quality prints for home or office purposes. Epson printers are best known for printing the necessary documents at a high speed. But sometimes, the printer might fail to perform the printing jobs and display the error code 0xf1.

In such a situation, try to turn on and off the Epson printer to overcome this problem. But, this troubleshooting method might not work all the time. To resolve this Epson printer issue, it is essential to know the reason behind it. Usually, the 0xf1 error occurs if a corrupted registry entry is in the PC.

Due to hardware issues, the Epson printer users can experience this problem. Sometimes, the print head fails to read a command, resulting in a “0xf1” error. Consider cleaning the print heads to overcome this critical Epson printer error. But, if that doesn’t eliminate the issue, contact Printer Repairs Dubai.

What are the Other Reasons behind the Epson Printer Error Code 0xF1?

If you have connected multiple devices with the Epson printer, then it can lead to a 0xf1 error. Moreover, for installing corrupted printer drivers, this printing issue can occur. Is there multiple printer drivers on the PC or laptop? It could be another reason behind the Epson printer error code 0xf1.

Moreover, if the device is infected with the virus, there is a high chance of coming across this issue. Don’t let this sort of printing glitchy hinder office productivity. Hire an experienced Epson Printer Repairs Dubai expert and fix this problem immediately.

3 Possible Solutions to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

Faulty wires or cables can prevent you from using the Epson printer. Make sure there is no wear and tear in these printer units. Or else, you will face hindrances while scanning or printing the important PDF files. Additionally, the Epson printer users should check the power cable connection.

If the error remains, then you might have plugged in the cables in the wrong printer port. Look for the right port, restart the printer and check if the 0xf1 error message appears. And, if you are still unable to print, then implement the following solutions:

Remove the Jammed Paper

Well, this Epson printer error can occur if there is a small piece of paper stuck inside the printer. You can get rid of error code 0xf1 by removing the jammed paper. But, resolving paper jam issues might be daunting and time-consuming. Connect with Printer Repairs Dubai for instant recovery. But, you can also fix this paper jam error without having less or no technical knowledge. All you have to do is tap on the Epson printer’s “Cancel” button first. It will stop the ongoing print job.

After that, remove the output tray and check whether there is any paper inside. Additionally, you have to pull out the paper from the printer’s sheet feeder as well. Turn on the Epson printer and check if it shows the 0xf1 error.

If the error persists, turn off the printer, lift the scanner unit gently, and pull out the jammed paper. If you find any torn paper pieces, remove them carefully from the device. Turn on the Epson printer, and the error code 0xf1 will no longer be there.

Reset the Device

Resetting the Epson printer will solve this printing problem. But, do you know how to do that? Turn off the device and hold the “Reset” button for a few seconds. Right after that, turn the device back on while holding this button. Don’t start the printing jobs right away. Wait until the printer resets the device to its factory settings. After this, select a file that you want to print and check whether you have solved the printing problem.

Unable to find the “Reset” button? It will be at the back of the Epson printer model. There is a “Restore” button in the latest Epson printer model instead of “Reset”. You have to tap the “Home” button in certain instances. Then, move to the “Setup” option and press the “Restore” button. Make sure to press the “Ok” button after that.

Don’t forget to choose the “All Settings” option from the Restore menu. To confirm the reset process, tap on “Ok” again. Within a few minutes, the Epson printer will reset the existing settings. Now, choose the images you want to print, and this error message won’t display further.

Use the Troubleshooting Tool

Windows devices come with a built-in troubleshooting tool to fix this issue. To find this tool, simply head to the Start button. From there, go to the search bar and write “Control Panel” on it. Once you find that, tap on it, and when the Control Panel window pops up, write “Troubleshooting”. Choose the “Troubleshooting” option from the searched results.

Navigate to “Hardware and Sound” and choose the “Printer” option after that. Once you see the Epson printer model name, right-click on that and select “Troubleshoot” again. Windows will then remove the Epson printer error code 0xf1 in minutes. However, if the printer refuses to print even after this, take an expert’s help.

Alternative Ways to Fix Epson Printer Error Code 0xf1

Missing or incompatible Epson printer drivers can cause this printing issue. Uninstalling the problematic printer drivers will resolve this issue. And, it takes less than a minute to uninstall and reinstall the Epson printer drivers. At first, you have to go to the PC settings and move to the “Apps” section. Once you get the “Control Panel” option, choose that immediately.

Then, select the “Programs ‘ option first and then tap on “Programs & Features. Then, choose the Epson printer drivers that you want to uninstall. A window will appear on the screen; click on the “Yes” to confirm the action. Now, go to the Epson printer’s site and search bar.

Write the printer name and get the printer driver compatible with the OS. After this, this Epson printer error message won’t appear. But, if it remains, add the printer name to the device. And, for further solutions, take assistance from a certified printer repair technician.

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