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Epson Printer will not Remain On — Why Does it Occur & How to Fix it?

Epson printers fail to turn on due to several reasons. It could be because of paper jam issues. A faulty power cable can prevent the device from staying on. Check the power connection in the first place to resolve this issue. Replace the power units if there is wear and tear in them.

Additionally, you should ensure the power cables are connected to the electrical outlet. Disconnect and reconnect these cables for hassle-free printing.

Did you keep the printer cover open? It might be another reason behind the “Epson printer will not remain on” error.

Close the printer cover and tray after reloading the paper. Keep the Epson printer close to the power outlet. Otherwise, you might end up getting technical issues during the print job.

Moreover, this Epson printer error could occur in an unwanted electrical outage. Damaged hardware units also cause problems when you want to turn on the device.

Reasons for Epson Printer will not Remain On

Epson printers can turn off suddenly in the middle of the printing process. And, it displays the “offline” message on the printer screen. Usually, it happens on the old Epson printer models. You can face this problem in the latest printer models, due to inadequate maintenance.

An outdated or corrupted printer driver could trigger this problem. When the computer isn’t connected to the printer properly, it won’t remain on. Unplug and replug these cables to eliminate this Epson printer error immediately. And, the printer will turn off automatically when the papers are out of the tray.

5 Easy Solutions to Troubleshoot Epson Printer will not Remain On

There are many ways to resolve this Epson printer glitch. Restart the computer and the wireless printer immediately. This solution has fixed the complicated connectivity issues. But, if that doesn’t work, check whether the Epson printer is connected to a compatible PC.

The old printer models might not work on the latest Windows 10/11 devices. Connect a Windows 7 or 8 device to the Epson printer in such circumstances to solve the issue. And, you need to connect the printer and the computer with the same Wi-Fi. Power cycle the printer and if that doesn’t fix the error, follow these solutions:

Disable the “Use Printer Offline” Mode

Did you enable the “Use Printer Offline” mode? This is why the Epson printer isn’t remaining on. Disable this option to make the device print-ready. Hold the Windows and I keys together, and tap on “Control Panel” when the Settings menu opens.

Select “Devices” and go for the “Printers & scanners” option. Additionally, you need to choose the right Epson printer model name from the list. Tap on “Open Queue” when the next window pops up. Navigate to “Printer” and look for “Use Printer Offline”.

Remove the tick from this checkbox to disable this Epson printer option. Reboot the wireless printer, choose a document and try to print it. If the device doesn’t turn off, this indicates, you have successfully resolved the error.

Clear the Print Queue

A clogged print queue could restrict the device from staying on. Clear the print queue to get rid of this Epson printer error. Hold the Windows and I keys together, and select “Control Panel” from the Settings menu. Locate the “Devices” section and choose “Printers & scanners”.

Now, it’s time to select the right printer model number. Choose “Open Queue” and wait until the next window appears. And, go to the “Printer” tab and select “Cancel All Documents”. Restart the wireless printer, and select a document you want to print. Put a paper into the tray and print it without further interference.

Update the Printer Drivers

When was the last time you updated the printer’s drivers? Was that a month ago? Then, it’s high time to install the latest driver for the Epson printer. Though, many take an expert’s help for the printer driver update. But, you can do that easily using the Device Manager tool.

Hold the Windows and R keys together, and write “devmgmt.msc” when the Run box appears. Press the Enter key or click “Ok” to get access to Device Manager. Look for “Printers” from the already added device list. Double-tap on it, check the driver version and right-click on it.

Opt for “Update driver” and wait until Windows searches for the latest driver. It might take at least 3-4 minutes to complete the installation. Additionally, you can download the latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s website. Restart the PC and the printer and continue the printing process without issues.

Set the Epson Printer as Default

Windows automatically set the connected printer as default. This might be helpful, but it might block the device from staying on. Disable this option to solve this communication error. Press the Windows and I keys together and click “Devices” when the Settings menu opens.

Go to “Printers & scanners”, choose the printer name and tap on “Open Queue”. Locate the “Printer” section and select “Set as Default Printer”.

Choose ‘“OK” when the confirmation message appears. And, choose “Allow Windows to manage my default printer”, if you want to enable this option. Turn on the Epson printer and print the required files without the “offline” message.

Use the Printer Software

Epson allows the users to troubleshoot the printer issue from their dedicated app. Use that to keep the wireless printer on.

Don’t have the printer software? Insert the printer’s CD to the PC’s disk tray and follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.

Hold the Windows and I keys together and click “Devices” when the Settings menu opens. Opt for “Printers & scanners” and choose the Epson printer model number. Select “Manage” and tap on “Open printer app”. And, click “Troubleshoot” when the printer software opens.

Alternative Fixes for Epson Printer will not Remain On

Remove or reinstall the wireless printer on the Windows 10/11 device. Restart the print spooler service to resolve this Epson printer error. Additionally, you can run the printer troubleshooter tool to get rid of this issue. Go to the printer’s support page to get an instant solution. Contact a printer repair expert if the device still remains off.


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