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How Can You Connect a Phone to a Wireless Printer?

If you want to get physical copies of documents, photos, and web pages, printing from your phone would be a convenient way. But how exactly do you connect your phone to a wireless printer? This guide will walk you through the wireless setup process step-by-step.

Step to Connect Your Phone to a Wireless Printer

The way you connect your phone to a wireless printer depends on two things: your printer’s setup process and the connection method it supports (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or email).

Setting Up Your Printer

If you want to start the wireless setup process, then follow the instructions that came along with your printer. This will typically involve powering the printer, connecting it to a power source, and loading paper.

You have to locate the Wi-Fi setup button on your printer. It might be labeled “Wi-Fi,” “Wireless,” or have a symbol like radio waves. Consult your printer’s manual if you can’t find it.

Next, you have to press and hold down the Wi-Fi button for a few seconds. This will put the printer in Wi-Fi setup mode, which usually involves blinking lights.

Connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Email

You can connect your phone using one of the following methods, once your printer is in Wi-Fi setup mode:


This is the most common method for connecting phones to wireless printers. You have to open the Wi-Fi settings of the phone and look for a new network name (SSID) that is a perfect match with your printer’s model name. Connect to this network using the password provided in your printer’s manual.


Some printers also have the feature to support Bluetooth connections. On your phone, you have to enable the Bluetooth option and search for available devices. Your printer’s name should appear on the list. Select it to initiate pairing. You might need to enter a PIN code displayed on the printer’s screen.


A few printer models allow you to print documents by emailing them to a specific address. You’ll need to find this email address in your printer’s manual. Once you are able to locate it, you can simply attach the document that you would like to print to an email and send it to the printer’s address.

Tips for Connecting and Printing from Different Devices

Here are some additional tips for connecting and printing from your phone:

Android Devices

  • Most Android phones come with built-in printing capabilities. Open the document or photo you want to print, locate, and tap the “Print” or “Share” button. You should see a list of available printers, including your wireless printer. Select your printer and tap “Print” to start the printing process.
  • If your phone doesn’t have built-in printing, you can download a printing app from the Google Play Store. Many printer manufacturers offer apps that assist you in connecting and printing directly from your phone.

iOS Devices

  • Apple iPhones and iPads also have built-in printing capabilities. Open the document or photo that you want to print and tap the “Share” button. You have to locate the “Print” option and select it. You’ll see a list of available AirPrint-compatible printers. If your wireless printer supports AirPrint, it should appear on the list. Select your printer and tap “Print” to begin printing.
  • If you find that your wireless printer doesn’t support AirPrint, get to the App Store and download a third-party printing app. These apps typically work by converting your document into a format compatible with your printer and then sending it over the network.

Troubleshooting: Common Issues and Solutions

Here are some common issues you might encounter when connecting your phone to a wireless printer, along with solutions to fix them:

Printer Not Found

Make sure your phone’s Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is turned on and that your printer is in Wi-Fi setup mode or discoverable mode (for Bluetooth). You need to double-check whether the devices are connected to the correct Wi-Fi network (if using Wi-Fi). Finally, restart your phone and your printer.

Connection Problems

If you’re having trouble maintaining a connection, try to shift your phone closer to the printer. You can also double-check whether there is any interference from other wireless devices in the area. Next, restart your router and your printer.


Connecting your phone to a wireless printer is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined in this guide and troubleshooting any issues that arise, you’ll be printing from your phone in no time.

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