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Why is My Printer Printing so Slow? [Reasons and Fixes]

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting an eternity for your printer to finish a simple task. The good news is that slow printing is a standard eror with several straightforward fixes. Let’s dive into the reasons why your printer might be lagging and how to get it running at top speed again.

Reasons for Slow Printing

Several factors can contribute to sluggish printing. Here are some of the most common culprits:

  • Wrong printer model: If you’re using a home printer for heavy-duty tasks, it might not be able to keep up. Consider your printing needs when choosing a model.
  • Incorrect printing mode: Many printers offer different printing modes, like draft and high quality. Draft mode uses less ink and prints faster, while high quality creates sharper images but takes longer.
  • Printer not rebooted in a while: Just like computers, printers can benefit from an occasional reboot. This removes any temporary files or glitches that might be delaying things.
  • Outdated printer driver: The software that authorizes your computer to communicate with the printer driver might be outdated. Outdated drivers can lead to compatibility issues and slow printing.
  • Poor network connection: If you’re using a wireless printer, a weak Wi-Fi signal can significantly impact printing speed.

8 Fixes for Slow Printing

Now that you know the culprits, here are some solutions to get your printer back on track:

1. Resetting the Printer

Sometimes, a simple power cycle can do wonders. You have to turn off your printer, open the plugs for a minute, and then plug it back in and turn on the printer.

2. Adjusting Printer Preferences

Check your printing settings and make sure you’re not accidentally using the high-quality mode for everyday tasks.

3. Updating Printer Driver

Visit your printer manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for your specific model. Installing the updated driver ensures your computer can communicate efficiently with the printer.

4. Turning off Quiet Mode

Certain printers have a Quiet Mode feature that decreases noise but also delays the printing speed. If noise isn’t a major concern, try turning Quiet Mode off.

5. Restarting Print Spooler Service

The print spooler service addresses print jobs on your computer. Occasionally, restarting this service can fix printing glitches.

6. Checking Network Connection

If you’re using a wireless printer, ensure your computer and printer have a strong Wi-Fi signal.

7. Updating Printer Firmware

Similar to drivers, printer firmware is software that controls its functionality. Updating the firmware can enhance performance and resolve bugs.

8. Repairing System Files

In rare cases, corrupted system files on your computer might be interfering with printing. Running a system file repair tool can assist to recognize and fix these issues.

Preventing Slow Printing

By following some simple practices, you can avoid slow printing in the future:

Using the Correct ōrinter

Choose a printer that matches your printing needs. If you print high-volume documents, a heavy-duty printer is a better option than a basic home model.

Choosing the Right Printing Mode

Select the appropriate printing mode based on your needs. Draft mode is fine for everyday documents, while high quality is better for presentations or photos.

Regularly Rebooting the Printer

Make it a habit to reboot your printer every few weeks. This helps clear temporary files and prevent performance issues.

Installing the Proper Driver

Keep your printer driver updated. Check the manufacturer’s website periodically for new driver releases.

Ensuring a Stable Network Connection

If you’re using a wireless printer, maintain a strong Wi-Fi signal between your computer and printer.


Slow printing can be a nuisance, but there’s no need to despair. By identifying the cause and following the solutions above, you can get your printer running smoothly and efficiently again. Remember, preventive maintenance goes a long way in making your printing experience frustration-free.

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