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What Does “Filter Failed” Mean on Printer?

Ever tried to print something and gotten a frustrating “Filter Failed” error message? You’re not alone. This error can happen on various printers and operating systems, stopping your print job in its tracks. But what exactly does it mean, and how can you fix it?

Understanding the Error: “Filter Failed”

The “Filter Failed” message indicates a communication issue between your computer and printer. During printing, a software filter translates the document you want to print into a format your printer understands. If this filter malfunctions, the translation fails, and your printer can’t process the job.

Several factors can cause this error:

Outdated or Incompatible Printer Driver

Your printer driver acts as a bridge between your computer and printer. Outdated or incompatible drivers can lead to communication errors and filter failures.

Corrupted Print Spooler

The print spooler is a software queue that manages print jobs. If it gets corrupted, it can disrupt communication and cause filter failures.

Security Restrictions

In some cases, security software or restrictions on the document itself might prevent proper filtering.

PDF Issues

Damaged or password-protected PDFs can sometimes cause filter errors, especially on Macs.

How to Fix the “Filter Failed” Error?

Here are some steps you can try to fix the “Filter Failed” error:

Reset the Printing System

This clears any clogged jobs or corrupted data in the print spooler. The specific steps will vary depending on your operating system, but you can usually find instructions through a web search for “reset printing system” followed by your OS name (e.g., “reset printing system Windows 10”).

Reinstall the Printer

Sometimes, reinstalling the printer driver can resolve compatibility issues. Uninstall the existing driver through your computer’s settings, then download and install the latest driver from the printer manufacturer’s website.

Troubleshooting Specific Printer Brands

If the general solutions don’t work, here are some specific troubleshooting tips for certain printer brands:

HP Printer on Chromebook

Chromebooks sometimes have issues with HP printer drivers. Try resetting the printing system on your Chromebook and ensure you’re using the latest HP driver compatible with Chrome OS. You can find HP’s Chromebook driver download page through a web search.

Brother Printer on Mac

Brother printers can encounter filter errors on Macs due to driver incompatibility. Update your Brother printer driver to the latest version available on Brother’s website.

Canon Printer Error Fix

Canon printers might have specific troubleshooting steps depending on the error code displayed with the “Filter Failed” message. Consult your Canon printer’s manual or the Canon website for solutions specific to your error code.


The “Filter Failed” error can be annoying, but it’s usually fixable. By following these steps and considering troubleshooting specific to your printer brand, you should be able to get your printer communicating properly and printing again in no time. If you continue to experience issues, consult your printer manufacturer’s support resources for further assistance.

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