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How to Setup WiFi Epson Printer?

This guide will walk you through setting up your Epson printer on a wireless network. There are two main methods: using the control panel on the printer itself or using a temporary USB connection to your computer.

Setting Up Your Epson Printer on a Wireless Network

Let’s get through a step-by-step process to set up the Epson printer on wireless networks:

Connecting through the Control Panel

  1. Verify that your printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that it is turned on.
  2. On the control panel of your printer, look for the Wi-Fi setup menu. Depending on the model of your printer, the precise steps may change, but they usually fall under a menu like “Network” or “Wireless Settings.”
  3. Enter your password and choose your Wi-Fi network by following the directions on the screen. A network connection attempt will be made by your printer.

Using a Temporary USB Connection

  1. Activate both your PC and printer.
  2. Use a USB cable, if you want to link the printer to your computer.
  3. The most recent Epson printer driver for your model can be downloaded and installed from the Epson website.
  4. To connect your printer to your Wi-Fi network after the driver has been loaded, use the printer setup application and adhere to the on-screen directions.

Connecting Your Printer to Wi-Fi

When connecting your printer to Wi-Fi, bear the following additional points in mind:

  • Verify that your printer is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that it is turned on. There should be a strong and consistent signal.
  • Try rebooting your router and printer if you’re experiencing problems connecting.
  • Make sure you are inputting the correct Wi-Fi password by checking it twice.

Connecting with WPS

Let’s get to the details of connecting with WPS:

What is WPS?

The acronym for Wi-Fi Protected Setup is WPS. Many routers come equipped with this common feature, which makes it simple for you to join devices to your Wi-Fi network without having to provide a password.

Steps for connecting with WPS

  1. Ensure that WPS is supported by both your router and printer.
  2. Click the WPS icon on your network. Depending on the model of your router, the WPS button may be located differently.
  3. Press the WPS button on your printer within a few minutes.
  4. Your printer ought to establish a connection with your WiFi network on its own.

Troubleshooting and Additional Support

If you’re still having trouble setting up your Epson printer on Wi-Fi, here are some additional tips:

Factory Resetting Your Printer

By doing this, you can reset the printer to its original settings and remove all network settings. To find out how to do a factory reset on your printer, go to the manual.

Installing and Updating Drivers

Verify that the most recent drivers for the model of Epson printer you own are installed. These are available for download on the Epson website.

Protecting your Printer with Asurion Home+

Asurion Home+ is a protection plan that can help you with troubleshooting and repairs for your Epson printer.

Contacting Asurion for Tech Help and Repairs

If you’re still having trouble, you can contact Asurion for technical support and repairs. They have experts who can help you get your printer up and running.


You ought to be able to successfully configure your Epson printer on your Wi-Fi network by following these instructions. Please refer to the handbook that came with your printer or get in touch with Epson support if you need any additional help.

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