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How to Get Your Printer Out of an Error State?

You might face a wide range of issues while using your printer. And, most of them might come in the form of errors. You can identify the problem by looking at the error code that appears on the device. Now, you’d want to fix these errors on your printer as soon as possible. Especially so, if the device has to handle a large volume of printing tasks.

And, for that, you can try some simple solutions that can fix various errors. Here, we’ve listed the most effective ones among them.

So, read the instructions shared by Printer Repairs Dubai experts. Get to know how you can get your printer out of a constant and annoying error state.

Simple Ways to Get Your Printer Out of an Error State

There could be various explanations behind the error that your printer comes across. But, with a busy schedule, you might want to get straight to the solution. In that case, you must try the following methods, and at least one of them should work. Otherwise, you can also opt for an alternative option and seek help from Printer Repairs Dubai experts.

  • Restart the Printer

Electronic devices might commonly come across various errors. And, you can often get instant solutions by simply restarting the device. In case you’re wondering, this works for printers as well. So, you must start with this step, which is the simplest. After all, it can help you save a significant amount of time if it works.

So, switch off your printer and unplug it. Then, wait for at least a minute before you start the printer. Now, check whether the issue persists. This method might not provide you with a long-term solution. So, you might also want to apply some of the other solutions mentioned here. 

  • Ensure a proper Connection between Your Printer and Computer

Your printer might not be able to print because it’s not connected properly to your computer. And, this is quite a common cause of printers going into an error state. So, you must check the connection between your printer and computer.

Are you using a wireless connection? Then, you might want to try switching to a cable connection. After all, this might ensure a stronger and uninterrupted network in many cases.

Are you already using a cable for the connection? Then, there might be damage to the cable you’re using. So, try using another cable and see if that provides a solution. If you’re unable to make a connection, then you must reach out to an expert. 

  • Make Sure the Printer is Offline

Are you unable to print anything with your printer? Then, this error might occur because the device is offline. And, this happens mainly when the printer is disconnected from your computer beyond a certain length of time. So, how do you fix the issue in such cases? You can start printing again by simply getting the printer online.

To do that, you need to open the Control Panel on your PC. There, you need to find and open the Hardware and Sound section. Then, opt for the View Printers and Devices option. Right-click on the printer that you’re using to bring up the options. Opt for setting it as the default printer, and click on “see what’s printing”.

This will open three tabs, including one titled Printer. There, you need to uncheck the “pause printing” and “use printer offline” options. 

  • Update or Reinstall the Print Driver

The error that you’re facing might occur due to an issue with the print driver. After all, problems with the driver can cause a wide range of errors. So, you must make sure whether this is the primary cause of the problem in your case. And, for that, you must go to the Device Manager on your PC.

Find the printer that you’re using and right-click on it. Then, opt for updating the driver software. Wait until the process ends, and then restart the device. This might help you get your printer out of an error state in many cases.

Did you start facing the error after updating your print driver? Then, the driver software might have been corrupted. In such a case, you need to reinstall it. You can do that by going to the Device Manager. Right-click on your printer and opt for removing the driver. Then, reboot your PC and it should install the driver again automatically. Otherwise, you can also seek help from Printer Repairs Dubai experts.

  • Restart the Spooler Service

Your PC runs many services in the background to perform various tasks. The Print Spooler service is responsible for running any printing tasks you assign to your printer. So, it should be running when you’re using your printer. However, the Spooler service might face an error due to various reasons. As a result, you might see an error while trying to print.

In such situations, you can’t fix the issue until you fix the error with the Spooler service. And, for that, you need to restart it. So, go to the Services section on your PC and find the Print Spooler. Right-click it and opt for stopping it and leave it on standby for a minute. Then, start it and try using your printer once you’re ready. 

  • Delete Spooler Files

The spooler files on your computer contain print jobs that you’ve assigned to your printer. Now, your printer might often malfunction when there are too many printing tasks. And, deleting the print jobs can help you resolve that issue. And, for that, you need to stop the Print Spooler service from the Services section first.

Once you’ve stopped the service, go to your system drive in File Manager. Navigate to the spooler folder and delete all the files you find in there. This will clear the print queue and you need to assign the printing tasks again. And, this method can often provide you with an effective and long-lasting solution.

What to do if Your Printer Remains in Error State?

If the aforementioned methods fail to provide you with a solution, then you can try uninstalling the printer from your PC. After that, install it on your PC again and set it as the default printer. But, if that doesn’t work, you must reach out to a certified expert without further delay.

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