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How to Deal With The Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 Windows 10

Your printer might come across various issues while you are trying to print something. And, on a busy day, this can cause quite a lot of inconvenience. One such problem is the error code 30 that you might face quite often. If you are wondering, it indicates various issues with your printer or PC.

You might want to contact Printer Repairs Dubai to fix this error immediately. But, in many cases, you can do that all by yourself. You can try certain methods to fix this issue before approaching a repair service. Read to find out how you can fix the printer not activated error code 30 on Windows 10.

Printer Not Activated Error Code 30 Windows 10: Solutions

The error code 30 might have quite a wide range of causes. So, it might take some time to find the cause and fix the problem. To make that task simpler, you can simply try out the following solutions:

  • Restart the Printer and your PC

Resetting your printer can help you fix a wide range of errors on it. So, you must try this method before other advanced solutions. Switch off your printer and unplug it for a minute. Then, restart it and check whether you can print anything. Also, you must restart your PC since the problem might often be associated with it.

Turn off your computer for a few minutes, if you are not busy on it. Then, start it back again and assign a print job from it. This might resolve the printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10. If it fails, you must try running the Troubleshooter for a solution.

  • Run Your Printer Troubleshooter

Like all recent system versions preceding it, your Windows 10 system features a Troubleshooter tool. If you have not used it yet, it can help you fix a wide range of problems. And, you can use it to fix issues with various components of your PC.

Moreover, you can also use it to diagnose or repair problems in connected devices as well. So, it can help you fix the error code 30 on your printer. Go to the Settings menu and open the Troubleshoot section. There, you need to click on Printer and opt for running the Troubleshooter for it.

This will start a scan for finding the issue with your printer. Moreover, your device will usually find the issue within a short time. After that, the Troubleshooter will repair the printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10. Alternatively, Printer Repairs Dubai can offer you a long-lasting solution to this issue. 

  • Set a Default Printer or Change it

Do you use multiple printers with your PC? Then, you must set one of them as the default printer. Otherwise, you might come across a wide range of errors when you try to print something. So, if your device does not have a default printer, you must set the device facing the error as default.

And, for that, you need to open the Control Panel on your device. You will find the Devices and Printers option in the Hardware and Sound section. Right-click the printer facing the error and make it the default printer.

Once you are done, check whether the printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10 persists. If it does, then the problem might lie with the print driver.

  • Update or Reinstall the Print Driver

Problems with the driver software can significantly affect your printer’s functioning. Moreover, it can also prevent the device from printing. Especially so, if you are using an outdated driver. If the previously-mentioned solutions did not work, you must try updating the print driver. And, for that, you must go to the Device Manager on your PC.

Expand the list of your printers and right-click the one that is facing the error. Then, opt for updating its driver and check on the problem once you are done. In many cases, this can fix the printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10. If you are already using the latest driver version, you have to opt for uninstalling it. After that, you can simply restart your PC to re-install the driver. 

  • User Account Does Not Have Full Control

The error code 30 might also sometimes indicate that your user account does not have full control. In other words, you cannot perform all the functions on the computer with the user account you are using. You need full control over the device, which only the administrator can grant you to fix this.

Do you own the administrator account on the device as well? Then, you must switch to the admin account and right-click the file you are trying to print. Access its Properties and go to the Security tab. Click on Edit to change the permission settings for the file.

Now, you will see a list of control options. Opt for Full Control at the top to fix the printer not activated error code 30 Windows 10. Also, do not forget to click on Apply and OK before you close the tab. 

  • Update/ Reinstall USB Composite Device Driver

Are you using a USB cable to connect the printer to your computer? Then, you might face the error due to a corrupt or outdated USB Composite Device driver. So, you cannot continue printing unless you fix this issue.

To do that, you need to go to the Device Manager again. Look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers and expand this option. Find the USB Composite Device under this option and right-click it. Then, opt for updating this device to its latest version. And if you are using the latest USB Composite Device driver, opt for uninstalling it. Then, restart your PC to re-install this driver version.

Look for Expert Solutions

The aforementioned methods are quite effective in fixing the error code 30 on your printer. But, they might not do the trick in all cases. You must contact customer support or Printer Repairs Dubai for an optimal solution in such situations.

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