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How to Fix Supply Memory Error on Your Printer: Why Does it Occur?

The supply memory error is quite a complicated issue that you might face on pretty much all printers. So, you might often see this error on your HP printer under various circumstances. And, it will prevent the device from printing anything until you fix it. So, you might want to start looking for a solution right away.

Now, you can try some fairly simple ways to fix the memory error on your HP printer. And if required, you can also approach Printer Repairs for an immediate solution. The steps we have listed below should help you resolve the error effectively on your printer.

Effective Fixes for the HP Printer Supply Memory Error

You cannot fix this error by the same method every time it shows up. So, you have to try out various tricks to fix it on your device. Based on the cause of the problem, at least one of these methods would usually do the trick.

Here are some of the effective ways to resolve the supply memory error on any printer:

  • Reset your Printer and Computer

Restarting is quite an effective way to fix various temporary errors in electronic devices. So, you must start by trying this out as it might help you save some time. Unplug the printer and leave it alone for a minute. Then, start it and assign a print job to check on the HP printer supply memory error.

You have to do the same with your PC as well. In this case, you can simply opt for a restart and then continue using the device as usual. If this is not effective, you can try out some more effective solutions. 

  • Clear Paper Jam

The supply memory error does not always indicate a software issue with your printer or computer. In some cases, it might occur due to a paper jam while using your printer. Other than that, it might occur due to various reasons. Regardless, fixing it can effectively solve the HP printer supply memory error.

Before you proceed, you must not forget to unplug your printer. Then, open the access door/doors that allow you to reach the paper path. Pull out the paper gently, and do not leave torn parts inside the device. If there are any bits of paper left inside the printer, you must clean them as well.

To avoid further paper jams, you must place the paper correctly in the tray. Also, make sure that you use the right kind of paper. Approach Printer Repairs Dubai if you cannot find an effective solution for this issue. 

  • Remove the Protective Strips

The cartridge you use on your printer might get damaged under various circumstances. And that would mean you have to buy another cartridge. So, manufacturers put protective strips on the cartridges to avoid such situations.

And, not removing them before installation can cause the HP printer supply memory error. So, you must check whether you have removed the protective strips from the cartridge.

You have to turn on the printer and load a paper on it for this step. Then, open the access door and go through the service manual if you need help. Remove the cartridge and look for protective strips on it. And, remove the strips completely if you find them. Once you are done, put the cartridge back in its place and continue using the printer. 

  • Place the Cartridge Correctly Inside the Printer

You are supposed to place the cartridge in a certain way inside your printer. Otherwise, you might face various problems, including the HP printer supply memory error. So, you must make sure that you have placed the cartridge in your printer correctly. And, for that, you need to stop your printer and open the access door.

Then, take out the cartridge gently and go through the service manual if you need to know the right position. After that, you must put it back in the right position. Reinstalling the cartridge this way can often fix the HP printer supply memory error. 

  • Damaged Cartridge 

The error you are facing could also occur due to damage to the cartridge. In that case, there is no way to repair the issue other than getting a new cartridge. Apart from that, you can also get a quick refill from Printer Repairs Dubai. After all, that will cost less than buying a new cartridge.

However, your printer might often refuse to work with refilled ink. In such cases, you have to buy a new cartridge for it. 

  • Update your Device’s System

Are you using an outdated system on your computer? Then, you must download and install the latest system version on it. After all, an outdated system can cause a wide range of issues with your device. It might often lead to the HP printer supply memory error, among other problems.

So, to be sure, you must update your operating system to the latest version. In Windows PCs, you can easily do that from the Update & Recovery section in the Settings. Then, check whether the problem persists after the update. 

  • Update the Printer Firmware and Software

The issue you are facing might often have software-related causes as well. So, if none of the previously-mentioned steps works, you must consider this as the cause of the problem. Many users have reported that updating the printer firmware and software has resolved the supply memory error.

You can find all the latest software and firmware for your HP printer on the manufacturer’s official website. Download and install them on your computer, and then check on the problem. If this does not work, you might want to get in touch with customer support.

Get a Professional Printer Repair Service

Does the HP printer supply memory persist even after trying all the aforementioned methods? In that case, you might have to take the device for a repair. Printer Repairs Dubai can provide affordable and highly effective HP printer solutions.

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