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Experiencing Communication Error on Epson Printer? Here is How to Fix It

Epson printers are widely used for their exceptional performance and print quality. With the introduction of these devices, it has become possible to perform hassle-free printing jobs. But, sometimes, you might face communication errors in the Epson printers.

In most instances, this issue occurs if you haven’t set up the printer with the PC properly. As a result, the “printer isn’t printing” error message pops up on the screen. Even the “printer is paused” message might appear in some Epson printer models.

Make sure to check the power cables of the printer in the first place. If you find any wear and tear over there, replace that with an expert’s help. Additionally, you need to look for the faulty cables of the computer as well.

And, for using malfunctioned cables, the communication error might take place in the printer. Don’t try to replace these power units with D-I-Y hacks. Instead, join hands with Printer Repairs Dubai and get the right cables for the PC.

Possible Reasons behind the Communication Error on Epson Printer

There are hefty reasons behind the communication error of the Epson printer. It could be because of outdated USB cables. Loose cable connections can also lead to this printing issue. Moreover, the printer fails to communicate with the PC for network connection issues.

Outdated or incompatible printer drivers can cause communication issues in the Epson printer. Improper printer application software installation can be a reason behind this error. Thus, identify the root cause of this Epson printer issue. Connect with Printer Repairs Dubai and solve the communication error in minutes.

Communication Error on Epson Printer: How to Detect & the Possible Solutions to Fix It

Certain signs indicate that the printer is unable to connect to the PC. If the power light of the Epson printer is not turning on, it could be because of a communication failure. Even the device won’t perform the printing jobs even when the power light is on.

Are you getting faded or low-quality printouts? It can be because of the communication fault of the Epson printer. Most printer users tend to replace ink cartridges. But, that won’t solve the issue. Instead, try to fix this communication error by restarting both the printer and PC. Sometimes, it helps to overcome the connection error of the Epson printer. But, if that doesn’t work, consider applying the following troubleshooting methods:

Start with Checking the Wireless Connection

Poor Wi-Fi strength can prevent the printer from connecting with the computer. As a result, the communication error on the Epson printer occurs. Thus, to get rid of this printer error, make sure the wireless connection is stable. Turn on and off the router if the internet is frequently dropping. After that, connect both the printer and the PC/laptop with the same Wi-Fi.

Is the communication error message still appearing? Then, check whether the printer is connected with Wi-Fi or not. To do that, move to the “Control Panel” of the Epson printer at first. After that, look for the device’s right TCP/IP address. Then, consider printing the “Configuration” page from the “Control Panel” menu. It will show you the duplicate IP message of the Epson printer.

What Else Need to be Done?

Update the duplicate IP address, and then access the Control Panel menu again. From there, choose the “troubleshooting” option using the up and down keys. Once you find the “network problems” option, select that immediately. After that, head towards the “Network Diagnostics” option from the Epson printer’s settings.

Do you use a Windows device? Then, go to the Start button and search for “Network Diagnostics” over there. Tap on that and wait for a while until the OS completes the diagnostics test. Once done, it will display the status of the Wi-Fi connection of the printer and computer. If there is a connectivity issue, contact the internet service provider immediately.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Latest Printer Driver

Remove the corrupted driver of the Epson printer to fix this issue. After that, install the compatible driver for the printer. And, to do this, the Windows users need to go to the “Start” button first. Then, head to the search box and write “Control Panel” in it. Click on the searched result and get into the Control Panel window. Navigate to the “Apps” section, and then tap on “Apps & features”.

Can you see the drivers of the Epson printer? Right-click on them and choose the “Uninstall” option from there. It will remove the pre-installed drivers from the computer. Now, open any web browser and visit the Epson printer’s official site. Go to the search bar, write down the printer model number. Then, look for the drivers that will be compatible with Windows or MacOS.

A page will open up on the screen with the latest drivers of the selected Epson printer model. Choose the “Download” button and within a minute the drivers will be installed in the device  . After reinstalling the Epson printer’s drivers, choose a file. Tap on the “Print” option and the communication error won’t further appear.

Use the Epson Printer Troubleshooting Tool

Most of the printing issues can be resolved with this troubleshooting tool. To use that, click on the “Start” button, and then choose the “Settings”option. From there, navigate to the “Troubleshooting” option. And, when the “Troubleshooting” window appears, move to the “Hardware and Sound” option.

Did you get the “Use a printer” option? Select that and choose “Next” from the “Printer” window. After that, this tool will diagnose the communication error on the Epson printer. Within a short time, this tool will resolve this complicated printing issue. But, if the device refuses to print, get help from the experts of Printer Repairs Dubai.

Alternative Ways to Fix Communication Error on Epson Printer

If the above-mentioned solutions didn’t work, try resetting the printing machine. And, for that, hold the “Reset” button of the Epson printer with a small object. Release the button within 8-10 seconds. It will bring back the factory settings of the printer.

Now, try to print any documents and check if the device is printing or not. If the Epson printer is making communication issues, call an expert immediately.

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