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Want to Fix BSOD, Printing Issues on KB5000802? Try This!

Fix BSOD, Printing Issues on KB5000802

Microsoft had to struggle a lot due to buggy security updates. And, this time, it has come up with Windows 10 KB5000802 update. Recently, Microsoft decided to release this update which led the Windows 10 device to collide with the blue screen of death issue. Additionally, the device has started showing glitches while connected to … Read more

How to Fix HP Printer 49 Service Error?

How to Fix HP Printer 49 Service Error

The error 49 can be seen in the HP printer and is mainly caused due to communication errors. This error can occur due to different reasons, and it might be possible that the software is not capable of performing any action. Or, even due to invalid commands, this error could be displayed. It is just … Read more

How to Fix Brother Printer Error Light Flashing?

Printer Error Light Flashing

Brother printers are quite in demand due to bulky printing needs. This is why most offices prefer Brother printers. However, printing glitches can appear at any time, and the flashing of the Brother printer error light can help you understand what’s going on. The trick with the error light or LED on the Brother printer … Read more

How Do You Fix the Canon Printer Error 6a80?

Canon Printer Error 6a80

The error code 6a80 on your Canon printer might indicate a paper jam. Apart from that, it might also mean that you need to reset your printer. But, fixing this issue is not always as easy as it might seem. After trying various solutions, you might keep getting this error code on your Canon printer. … Read more

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00?

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5b00

Canon printers are designed to offer high-quality prints. Starting from images to PDF files, you can print everything from these devices. But, technical issues can occur in Canon printers due to consistency usage. One of the most common errors of this device is “5b00”. When this error message appears, the device prevents the users from … Read more

How to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02?

How to Fix Brother Printer Error TS-02

With the advent of Brother printers, users have improved their printing experience. Millions of people are using these devices to get quality prints. Though Brother printers are less problematic, sometimes the TS-02 error can occur. As a result, the users face hindrances while using the Brother printer. Usually, this issue occurs when the printer fails … Read more

How to Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 41?

How to Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 41?

The error code 41 indicates that your printer is not activated for various reasons. You might face it quite often on all the popular printer models, irrespective of the type. Moreover, this error would prevent your printer from printing. So, you would want to resolve it within the shortest possible time. Thus, you need to … Read more

Unable to Print the Documents? Here’s How to Fix It

Unable to Print the Documents

With the advent of all-in-one printers, it has become easier to print thousands of papers in minutes. But, sometimes, the device might refuse to print the required documents. You will notice the “offline” error message even when the printer is on. In certain instances, the printer users should restart the device to fix this issue. … Read more

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827?

How to Fix HP Printer Error Code Oxc4eb827

HP has introduced several high-end printers, and Envy 45000 is one of them. This HP model is best known for offering quality prints at an impressive speed. Millions of people use these all-in-one printers in their homes and offices. But, you might find the HP printer error code oxc4eb827f message while printing. This problem occurs … Read more

Experiencing Communication Error on Epson Printer? Here is How to Fix It

Experiencing Communication Error on Epson Printer

Epson printers are widely used for their exceptional performance and print quality. With the introduction of these devices, it has become possible to perform hassle-free printing jobs. But, sometimes, you might face communication errors in the Epson printers. In most instances, this issue occurs if you haven’t set up the printer with the PC properly. … Read more

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