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Canon Printer Error Codes List – How to Troubleshoot Them?

Canon printers are preferred in the home or offices because of their compact size. These devices have high-speed printing capabilities and incredible features. But, many users have experienced several technical issues with the Canon printer. When a printing issue occurs in this Canon product, an error message appears on the screen. And, from there, you can identify the source of the printer error and how to resolve it.

Over time, the Canon printer might cause issues to perform the printing jobs. It could be because of not maintaining the device properly. Due to ageing, the Canon printer users can face hindrances while using the device. If you are using the printer for more than 3-5 years, consider replacing it immediately. Or else, you might end up spending a considerable amount of money on repair expenses.

Though, many Canon printer error codes can be prevented without any technical skill. But, sometimes, it might be difficult to fix the complicated printer issue. Contact Printer Repairs Dubai to get the ultimate repair solution in certain instances.

Canon Printer Error Codes List & Reasons Behind Them

In the long run, you might come across different issues while using the Canon printer. Usually, these printing errors occur for mishandling the device. As a result, it might decline the longevity of the high-end Canon printers. When an error code appears on the printer screen, the green light starts blinking. The “Alarm” light also flashes with the “On” light.

Wait until these lights stop flashing, and then turn off the device. After turning on the printer, the error code message might not display further. Additionally, you can also solve the issue by resetting the Canon printer. But, if that doesn’t work, hire the experts of Printer Repairs Dubai.

The error code will display in some of the Canon printer models as ”support code”. Moreover, in this printer, you will notice some error codes have number-letter combinations. And, some of the Canon printer errors codes display only a number.

Here is the Canon printer error codes list that is easy to address:

Error Code E13

This error code indicates that the ink level of the printer cartridge is low. Even this Canon printer error message might pop up for using faulty cartridges. Replace the ink cartridges to solve the Canon printer error E13. Make sure to get compatible ink cartridges for the printer.

Error Code 5011

5011 is the most common issue of the Canon printer error codes list. Usually, this error message appears when the cartridge holder refuses to move. When a small object or paper gets stuck inside the printer, it prevents the cartridge holder from working. As a result, it causes issues while printing important documents. Remove the obstruction to remove error code 5011 from the Canon printer.

Error Code U162

This error code often appears on the screen, if there are empty cartridges in the device. Refill the ink cartridges to overcome this Canon printer error. But, if the device is still showing the error, it could be because of misaligned cartridges. Reinstall the Canon printer cartridges properly. But, if that doesn’t work, hold the “Reset” button for at least 8-10 seconds. It will make the device print-ready within minutes.

Error Code E02

If the Canon printer is running out of paper, the device displays the error code E02. Moreover, this error can occur for not placing the paper in the printer tray. Load the paper treaty properly and make sure to keep the paper stack correctly. And, use the right paper size to get rid of error code E02.

Error Code E08

The Canon printer E08 displays when the ink absorber is full. Hold the “Black” button of the printer for a while to solve this error. Additionally, you should reset the ink absorber of the Canon printer. But, if the error message continues to appear, join hand with Printer Repairs Dubai.

Error Code 6A00

Another critical issue falls under the Canon printer error codes list. And, for a damaged auto-purge unit, this printing problem takes place. Consider replacing this printer unit to fix this error. But, if the error persists, check the sheet feed unit and logic board assembly. If you find any wear and tear in these Canon printer units, replace them immediately.

Error Code 306

When a printer fails to communicate with the computer, the error message 306 appears. Make sure to check the power cables of the printer. Because faulty power cables can lead to this printing error. Replace the malfunctioned Canon printer cables with new ones to solve this issue. Additionally, you have to update the printer drivers and software to fix the communication error.

Error Code P02

Canon printer error P02 triggers for using faulty ink cartridges. Moreover, if the power connectors are damaged, it can prevent the device from printing. Install new printer cartridges and repair the power connectors in the first place. But, if the error is still there, clean the encoder strip of the Canon printer.

Error B200

Canon printer B200 error occurs for a clogged or faulty printhead. Take a microfibre cloth to remove the clog from the printheads first. Additionally, you can use the cleaning cycle of the Canon printer to clean the printhead. But, if that doesn’t solve this error, replace the printheads with an expert’s help.

Error Code 2 140 21

You will encounter this Canon printer error while scanning the images or files. Tap on the “Stop” button to solve this critical issue. Besides, error 2 140 21 might arise for using incompatible ink cartridges. Connect with Printer Repairs Dubai and install the right cartridges for the Canon. printer. Disable the “Windows Firewall” option, as it prevents the device from scanning.

Moreover …..

You can come across the error code P10 in the Canon printer. It occurs for paper jam issues. Even when there isn’t any paper inside the printer, an error message can appear. Hold the “Stop” button for a while and then press the “Power” button of the printer. It will help you to resolve this printing issue from the device. And, if you get the E09 error, make sure to contact an experienced printer repair expert.

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